The 6th Annual NZ Shar-E-fest will take place on Thursday 10th October and Friday 11th October 2013 in Hamilton and follow a similar format to last year.


We are delighted to announce that the International keynote speaker and presenter for 2013 at the Shar-e-fest and regional symposia will be Professor Grainne Conole;

For more information have a look at Gráinne's website: Click Here

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Vickel Narayan posted Measuring the Information Society

The 2013 report just published: I briefly mentioned it in my preso yesterday.

Thu, Oct 10 at 6:16PM (0 comments)

Jan Robertson left a note

I enjoy challenging technology, being innovative and creative. I am involved in Moodle, e learning, web design, flick, social media . I am very keen to learn about apps

Thu, Oct 10 at 4:00PM

Miriam Laidlaw posted Sign up for workshops?

Hey there... I can't find anywhere to sign up for workshops/sessions? Are all the sessions just drop-in?

Richard Elliott: Hi Miriam The majority of sessions will be drop in. It is likely that some workshops will have a 'sign up' sheet at the registration desk on a first come first erved basis to ensure there are enough spaces. Richard

Sun, Oct 6 at 10:57PM (1 comment)

Sonya Daly posted Professor Tom Reeves slides

Kia ora can someone direct me to Tom's slides. He mentioned they would be available on the site.

John Clayton: Hopefully will have these on this site shortly John
Dean Hutt: This looks like spam, no one uses DVD's anymore

Sun, Sep 29 at 8:36PM (2 comments)

John Clayton posted Support our sponsors

In the current economic climate it is extremely difficult to keep costs affordable for participants. Shar-E-Fest could not do this without the assistance of our major sponsors. We all owe a big thanks to; 1. Wintec: 2. DEANZ: 3. Ascilite: We would ask you all to support these groups in any way you can. The shar-e-fest team

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John Clayton posted Presentations

This post will be used to store presentations. Presenters will be asked to use the comment block to provide the title and attach their presentation. John

lakshmi: Evolution of Fresh-e 2.0 (LMS): Lakshmi, Vinita and Muni Best Pacific Institute of Education
Victor Fester: I really enjoyed this year's Shar-e-fest. The atmosphere was relaxed, yet very professional and the standard of presentation was excellent overall! I look forward to next year! I have attached my presentation slides in pdf format. Thanks for everyone... [read more]
Victor Fester: And here is my second set of slides!

Sun, Oct 14 at 9:19PM (15 comments)

Richard Elliott left a note for lakshmi

Hi Lakshmi

thanks for being part of Sharefest 2012 and for posting your presentation to the the site. I hope we see you and your colleagues at the 6th NZ Sharefest in 2013 :)



Fri, Oct 12 at 4:27PM

Lisa Ransom posted Conference

Fantastic conference - well done to everyone. Great ideas coming through and valuable networking

Tue, Oct 2 at 5:12PM (0 comments)

Richard Elliott posted Pedagogical Pattern Collecor

Try this link If the site is blocked on site it can be acessed from home

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Richard Elliott posted Final Programme

Hi Everyone well in seems everything is in place for a vibrant and interactive NZ Shar-E-Fest 2012. Thanks to everyone who has and will be contributing either as a presenter or a member of the Shar-E-Fest Community of Practice . The final prgramme can be accessed from the PROGRAMME tab Cu all on in Hamilton Richard

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John Clayton posted Shar-E-Fest Programme

Updated programme is here John

Sun, Sep 23 at 10:03PM (0 comments)

Hi everyone the title of Diana Laurillard's Keynote presentation is 'Teachers as co-creators of pedagogical patterns for learning and technology' The abstract can be viewed in the Sharefest programme glossary available from: Login as GUEST and peruse the abstracts. Richard

Wed, Sep 19 at 6:52PM (0 comments)

Hi everyone Attached to this message is a leaflet providing details of Diana Laurillard's new book 'Teaching as Design Science: Building Pedagogical Patterns for learning and technology'. It's well worth buying a copy for yourself. Diana will include some discussion on the book during her presentation Regards Richard

Mon, Sep 17 at 4:22PM (0 comments)

Richard Elliott posted Dinner at Little India

Hi everyone I guess we will have to have our traditional night at Little India for dinner. Goldie is looking forward to seeing us all again. There will be a list for the dinner at the registration desk (so we have an idea of numbers) if you want to join us on MONDAY night around 7-7.30pm Cost will be about $35/ person, drinks extra. CU in Hamilton Richard

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Jeremy FitzPatrick posted Interested in being a geek?

I am considering a presentation / workshop on creating a basic drag and drop SCORM exercise using a suite of free and open source PortableApps. Skills learned will be basic image editing ( / Inkscape?), quick 'n dirty HTML (Komposer). At the end participants will have created a drag and drop exercise that can be loaded to a SCORM compliant LMS. So my question is 'would anyone be interested in attending?' J

Dean Hutt: Yes I think its a great idea, would be keen to attend.
Liz Ramsay: Two or three months ago, we introduced pixlr as an option in a lab where the computers were set up with IE as default. FYI it acted quite differently in IE on those computers but was as expected once we got them to launch firefox.
Jeremy FitzPatrick: Thanks for the heads up Liz. I (and the participants) will probably have to be a little flexible on the day for such expected and unexpected hiccups.

Tue, Sep 11 at 3:32PM (8 comments)

John Clayton posted Programme

Just to let you know the first round of presentations for Shar-E-Fest 2012 are now available for you to preview More will be added John

Tue, Sep 11 at 3:19AM (0 comments)

Richard Elliott left a note for Jeni Fountain

Hi Jenni

a warm welcome to the Shar-e-Fest community. Great to have you on board:-)


Richard Elliott
Emerging Technologies Centre Wintec
Convenor Shar-e-fest 2012

Sun, Aug 19 at 6:17PM

Puti Nuku posted Abstract word limit?

Kia ora, I can't find any details regarding the above. Can anyone advise please? Thanks, Puti

Wed, Aug 15 at 6:51AM (0 comments)

Richard Elliott left a note for Puti Nuku

Hi Puti

welcome to the erudite elearning community of Shar-e-fest! Good to have you on board. Congratulations with your success with the development of your BA (Māori) for blended delivery. Hope we will see you at the 5thNZ Shar-e-fest in October :-)


Richard Elliott
Convenor Shar-e-fest 2012

Mon, Aug 13 at 2:43PM

Richard Elliott left a note for Salome Meyer


welcome to the community of practice which underpins the NZ Sharefest. Hope to meet you in Hamilton in October

Best wishes

Richard Elliott
Emerging Technologies Centre, Wintec
Shar-e-fest Convenor

Mon, Jul 9 at 9:54PM

John Clayton posted Key Note Speakers Confirmed

Dr Geoff Mitchell from QUT, Melbourne is a confirmed "physical" keynote. Professor Diana Laurillard from the London Knowledge Lab, will also present a "virtual" keynote.

Wed, May 2 at 9:58PM (0 comments)

John Clayton posted Shar-E-Fest 2012: Dates Confirmed

Just to let you knoqw that this years Shar-E-Fest will be run on 1st - 2nd October 2012: Further details will follow. John

John Clayton: Flier for Shar-E-Fest produced and is now available

Wed, May 2 at 9:14PM (1 comment)

John Clayton posted Presentations

Created a site for presenters to upload files. Just add a "comment" and attach the file. John

John Clayton: Reeves Workshop: How Can You Improve Your Online Teaching: The Role of Formation Evaluation
John Clayton: Reeves Workshop: What makes you think they are really learning? The Essentials of Online Assessment
Sonya Daly: Thanks John

Wed, Jul 27 at 8:14PM (5 comments)

Richard Elliott posted JOIN ascilite

A flyer promting membership of ascilite is available for download and distribution to your colleagues. I would encourage everyone involved with elearning and technology to join ascilite and become part of a vibrant and forward thinking community throughout Australasia

Wed, Jul 27 at 6:37PM (0 comments)

Julie Carle posted Participants List

I am interested to know if there is a participants list with the organisations and contact emails available. I want to contact Adam McMillian about his Scopia demonstration on Day 1. Be grateful if someone can help.

Tue, Jul 19 at 6:03PM (0 comments)

Richard Elliott posted Another great event!!

Hi Everyone many thanks for the contribution made by each of you to Shar-e-fest 2011...... It had to be one of the best yet :-) It was great to catch up and make new connections. Here's to next year... Presentation slides from Tom Reeves will be posted to the site shortly Have a pleasant weekend:-) Richard and John

Thu, Jul 14 at 2:11PM (0 comments)

Steve Lowe left a note for Julie Carle

Good to meet you at shar-E-fest Julie... we never did spend time looking at Moodle's reporting... will you be at Moodlemoot?

Tue, Jul 12 at 7:17PM

Richard Elliott posted Dinner Monday Night 11th July

Hi everyone:-) last year we had a very pleasant night out at Little india in Hamilton We intend to take our overseas guest ther this year and if you would like to join us please let me know. MONDAY night 11th July about 7.00pm We will probably go for the $35 banquet (drinks extra) each pay for themselves Hear from you soon and look forward to catching up at what is going to be another great eve... [read more]

Kate Hunt: count me in please? kate
Richard Elliott: Hi Mandy, Angela and Kate be great to have you join the party:-) 10 of us so far CU 2 morrow Richard
Steve Lowe: It was an enjoyable way to pass a very wet evening in Hamilton. Goldie is an excellent host, the food was good, the service charming, and Thom generously brought wine to share. Thank you Richard - excellent choice of venue!

Tue, Jul 12 at 6:52PM (4 comments)

Pauline Bennett left a note for Brandi Fisher

Hey Brandi. Are you going to Sharefest?

Thu, Jul 7 at 5:48PM


Many thanks to our sponsors for their support of NZ Shar-E-fest 2011

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Richard Elliott posted Bronze Sponsor

We are delighted to announce that Template Ltd is a new bronze sponsor for the NZ Shar-e-fest 2011. Great news and many thanks to Steve Lowe for supporting the Shar-e-fest community in a very positive way. Template Ltd design and build toolkits for eLearning. Moodle-centric, Open Source, non-proprietary, Template brings software engineering and technical communication skills to projects in the eLearning segment of the tertiary education and indus... [read more]

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